Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Thunks

I will post back later with my TTT bargains, but for now, we interrupt this program for an important

From Life In A Zoo...

1. This cat- Link- scary or cute?
Hideous. Scary. If I found it under the bed, I'd call an exorcist. Seriously.
2. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reproducing again. Good idea or don't care?
My youngest is CONSTANTLY compared to Suri,saying they look alike. And I think Monster #2 is the most adorable thing (along with #1, of course), so I say bring more cuteness into the world. Besides, we only get a small glimpse into their lives, so who are we to judge? Suri appears to be a joyful child, so they must be doing something right.
3. Do you smile at strangers when you make eye contact?
Usually, unless I'm just in a rotten mood.
4. What percentage of your sarcasm isn't really sarcasm at all?
A healthy dose of it. At least 70%. There's a glimmer of truth in every joke, and in every sarcastic comment.
5. If you were to be a dog breed, which breed would you be?
A rottweiler. Elegantly beautiful, but with a sense of danger.
6. Go grab the closest book. Open up to page 27. Whats the 4th sentence?
"She didn't sing the way she usually did, her sweet soprano filling the house as she washed the dishes." From Change Me Into Zeus's Daughter by Barbara Robinette Moss
7. When's the last time someone put one over on you, told you a story that you totally fell for when it wasn't anywhere near true?
I've fallen for quite a few things, but can't recall the last time.
8. Ever seen Michael Jackson in person? No. Thank goodness.
9. Do you have a gut?
Yes. :-( I like to say it's baby weight, but I think I've surpassed the statute of limitations on that excuse.
10. What is one thing in your kitchen you have too many/too much of? Cups. Two whole cabinet-fuls. And cookbooks, but in reality, you can never have enough of those, right?
11. Ever had a colon cleansing?
Not quite. I tried a body cleanse regimen once. Uh..yeah. They work. LOL TRUST me.

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