Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ten on Tuesday--Yucky Eats

Time for another meme. Today's comes from Ten on Tuesday.

10 Least Liked Foods" list

1. Mustard. It's way too bitter for me. Plus, it looks like baby diarrhea.

2. Pickles. Always ask for my burgers without them. If they forgot, it's like the taste permeates the whole burger.

3. Chicken In a Biskit.

I was told it was the greatest thing ever. It wasn't.

4. Mole Poblano. A Mexican dish. I'm a fan of Mexican foods (kinda goes with being Mexican, huh?) but mole?? It has chocolate in it, and you pour it on meat. Chocolate...on meat....ick.

5. Ketchup. Funny, because I love tomatoes. Considering #1, what do I put on my burgers and hot dogs? MAYO!

6. Balut. Never had it, but ewwwww. Need convincing?

7. Green beans. Unless they're breaded and fried.

8. Brussel sprouts. No need to explain. I'm sure they'll be a popular addition on this week's lists.

9. Yams and sweet potatoes. They go hand-in-hand. I don't get why people love making dishes with them during holidays. Way to ruin a festive meal, guys!

Last but not least...ok...I take that back...yes, absolute LEAST!!...

10. Peanut butter. I HATE PB!!! I don't like peanuts either, but peanut butter is sticky, thick, and icky. Plus, it is the same color as...baby diarrhea.


  1. lol.....now there was a visual I might not have needed this morning. Especially since I had 2 boiled eggs. Ok....now I need to think happy thoughts. :D

    Cute blog by the way. :)

  2. It's nice to find another person who hates peanut butter. People look at me like I'm deranged when I tell them that I don't like it. Sometimes just the smell of it makes my stomach turn.

  3. Balut looks disgusting. There's no way I would like that.

  4. Oh ewww on the visual. Never heard of it but now I know to stay far, far away from it!!

  5. Love your list. I agree....ewww on that visual.

    Mine's up...come on over!

  6. That balut thing looks disgusting!

    I played too :)

  7. I love chickin in a bisket, lol, oh well - to each his/her own!



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