Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ten on Tuesday---Geritol, anyone?

Time for another meme. Today's comes from Ten on Tuesday.

10 Signs That You Are Getting Older

1. When yelling at your children, you start out with, "Mary...Kelly...Jessica...WHOEVER YOU ARE!!", because you just can't remember their name!

2. You wake up feeling hung over, but haven't had a drop of alcohol in weeks.

3. You throw a party and get annoyed when the guests haven't left by 9 p.m.

4. You plan trips to popular locations so that you minimize having to deal wth crowds.

5. Hair. In places it does NOT belong.

6. Your vacation ideas center around what spots have the best sightseeing/buffets, not the best clubs/alcohol prices.

7. Sandals are becoming increasingly appealing, even during winter, only because bending over to pull on socks is too painful!

8. Your children no longer take naps. You do.

9. The newest "Oldies" CD features songs you danced to at your high school prom.
(No...this isn't MY prom pic.)

10. You can answer this meme without even pausing to think of the answers.

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