Saturday, April 4, 2009

I love poking around etsy, seeing what awesome creations are being sold out there. I love finding gifts through there, as it avoids the suckiness of getting someone a gift they also receive from someone else. Through my explorations, I've found numerous gems, and thought I'd share a few here. The theme today? Cool Kids and Time Machines!

This pretty mini-rockabilly dress is offered by Lover Dovers Clothing. It sells for only $27.75, AND there's a sale this weekend!

Oh my gosh! Remember this guy? Are there any of us who didn't have him in our home before, either as your own toy or that of your children? This dress is guaranteed to spark smiles of recollection! Vintage Lucy sells it for $48!

Prefer the 60s? Pair this kid's dress with patent white boots and you've got yourself a Go-Go Baby! $30 is all you need to buy this from Tiny Modernist!

And this one I saved for last:

For the last 2 weeks, almost, I have been following the story of Stellan, a.k.a. MckMuffin. While his Mom was pregnant with him, he developed a severe case of SVT, a heart condition which can be deadly. He overcame statistics and was born healthy 8 months ago. Now, though, he is again fighting for his life, as the condition returned. Colby Lane Designs is donating proceeds of this bib (a bargain at $8!) and others to go to the fund set up for Stellan. Other etsy sellers have come on board, as well. Just type in Pray for Stellan in etsy's search engine.

Hope you like my picks this week. Have you found any "timeless" treasures on etsy?

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