Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thrifty Three Thursdays!

I want to start a weekly post called "Thrifty Three Thursdays". (Like the name? Oh you didn't know I was a closet alliteration expert!)
In essence, I will showcase three bargains. They will either be steals I bought, ways to save money at home, deals on the web...any method that keeps money where it belongs: my wallet!
In today's economy, especially, people are more aware of how much they spend, and efforts are being made across the globe to tighten pursestrings. I've always been a bargain-hunter. Finally, my friends are beginning to understand why! kick things off, my first bargain---

I collect magazines. OK...truth is, I hoard them. I began going through them all. I took out pages with craft ideas, recipes, exercise tips. Grabbed a 3-ring binder and organized these pages by subject. I was doing great...until I got to my scrapbook/paper crafts mags. I couldn't tear out all the pages I liked! I'd be tearing out every page! So off I went to the Container Store. $15 dollars for magazine holders, though??? I said..."Nope..I'm MAKING these suckers."
Ran off to the post office, grabbed some Priority Mail boxes, cut them up, glued on some pretty fabric, and TADA! A pretty magazine holder for a fraction of the cost!
I even made some to corral Monster #1 and Monster #2's coloring books!! Here's some pics:

Not too shabby for a one-armed girl, huh? LOL

Stay tuned for Bargain #2!!!

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