Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here I Sit, Broken Hearted...

...if you remember this ditty from 6th grade camp or from junior high, you're probably chuckling. And to ease your mind, no I didn't do THAT...the title just seemed catchy. LOL

I am hurting because I have a physical owie. A booboo better known as a broken wrist. This sucks in soooo many ways.
(Pardon me while I grab cheese to go with my whine)
It throws off my exercise regimen, right when it was becoming a great habit and I was beginning to really note physical changes.
I decided to start a new hobby of arts n' crafts, making ponytail holders for the girls. The materials now sit, untouched, begging for attention on the table. A tease for my crippled hand.
I was on a roll with my card-making/scrapbooking. That will also gather dust for a while.
Oh....and try typing one-handed. MUCH easier than it sounds!!!

At least I get to say I did it snowboarding, which throws an air of coolness which covers the underlying fact that in reality, I'm a huge klutz.

Sigh...pass the crackers.


  1. Hi!I hope youre feeling better now. Seems you need a Im sending my *Hugs to you. TC!

    Forgive me but I wish you could start crafting again as I am eager to see your works. No

  2. Oh, how terrible! I hope you heal soon =) Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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